Coretan diri sendiri daripada diri sendiri buat diri sendiri.

28 November 2015

Do not.


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Do not act like you care if you don't. It is your choice whether to care about someone or not. You don't have to care about everything in this world. If you do, then I think your brain and your heart must be really strong.

Do not give false hope to anyone. Do not play with anyone's heart. Because, I think everyone know the reason. What you give, you get back. Once you hurt someone, one day, soon, for sure, you will feel the same pain.

Do not make other people feel uncomfortable when they are with you. Be rational. Please, have some senses. Yeah, I know. Everyone have been saying that, do not care about what other people say. Be yourself. I do agree about that. But, don't forget that we are living in a society. What other people think about us is important too. However, do not make that as a reason to change yourself to something that isn't yourself.

Do not stop doing something that you like. Drawing, reading, talking, cooking, driving, sewing, playing. Keep doing that. Give sometimes to spoil yourself with that kind of hobbies. Because, that is the only time for you to accompany yourself. To give a special care to yourself. To love yourself  more than usual.

Do not think that by remembering the past, you are actually feel lonely. It just shows that, our memories are so cool like that. Aha. And yeah, at least, when you suddenly miss the past, you have some good manners in yourself. Not everyone can remember about the past. It is either they need to remember it, or they are USB. Okay. Yeah, I am missing my memories. My past. Not the 'zaman jahiliah' moment. But, the memory how I change from 'kejatuhan' to 'kebangkitan', Just want to say thank you. And, love you. And, miss you. But, who are 'you'? And the question goes on.

Do not forget all the things above. Kerana dirimu begitu berharga.

Maaf kalau ada kesalahan tatabahasa. Masih belajar. Ayuh, menuju ke syurga.
Amanina Mohd Tarmizi -my life-