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19 May 2016

A Part of Growing Up.


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Today's date, 19/5. A year ago, maybe I was taking a mid-year exam. Or maybe at the moment I was studying for the next paper. Maybe we were stressing about it. Maybe we were happy because what we learnt came out for the exam exactly the same.

A year ago, our clothes would be baju kurung sekolah, koko shirt, pj shirt or unit beruniform. Repeat for every week. With our either tudung putih or tudung hitam. We would came to school in the morning, started our day with copy others works because we didn't finish our own works. At 715, we would line up outside our classroom.

Waited for like 15 minutes for bacaan doa and nyanyian lagu Negaraku and maybe a little bit announcement. During exam weeks, we would bring out few books for us to read while standing. After that, we prepared for the class. Whether we had to go to lab or field or just sit at our own place in the class.

Before recess, we would stare at the clock. "Cikgu! Rehat!" because our school didn't have a bell. We still don't have a bell. One of us would run and looked for a table while others went to buy their own foods. We would eat and talk for like 20 minutes before the next class started. If we had Pendidikan Islam class, we would split up to our respective classes.

After spent like eight to nine hours at school, we went straight to our homes. Took a bath, solat, ate and we started to finish our homework. Which sometimes we didn't even had the time to finish it up. Majority of us would sleep at 12 because of the works or studied. But not me. I would try to sleep at 10. Unless, there were some dramas that I enjoyed watching ehe.

We did it for almost 11 years since we were seven years old. The same things, repeated every single day for 11 years. It is not that easy to just forget about it. Every single memory. The laughter, the gossip, the silly jokes, the fight. For girls, we would talk about our crushes. Stared at the stairs to just see him or just simply show yourself in front of his class. Or just simply watched they played football.

All those little things might seem little but all of it was meaningful. I don't really the type who would keep a diary or just take a simple note for what happened for the day. But if there was any event, I would make sure to keep all the pictures. Or when I went to meet my friends, we would throwback to any event that we remembered. It was just so sweet.

But, all of above can't be repeat anymore. We need to move on from our high school life. We need to grow up. We need to be adults. No longer pencil, everything in pen. We need to make our own crucial decisions. No longer hoping for someone else to take care of our business. We need to be brave. We need to be apart from our friends. All of us will be all over Malaysia.

We can do nothing about it. It is just a part of growing up. We have to do it. For the sake of knowledge. We cannot stop here. We have to keep moving. We don't have to forget about our friend or our memories, we just simply need to keep it at the back of our head for a while, and start the new way of our life. No more teacher, we gonna call them lectures. No more homework, we gonna call them assignment. No more mother's nagging early in the morning to wake us up, we gonna use alarm.

Most of my friend are going to universities and take diploma. While I am going to matrikulasi. I am not sad because we are splitting but I am sad because they will go first before me. How cruel everyone is. 23, 25, 27, 3. While my registration is on 5th of June. I want to meet all of them before everyone lead their own paths. Because our schedules are not the same. If only that is possible.

But again, all of this is a part of growing up. We cannot be at one's side for the whole time, right? Whatever happens, all of you are still my friends. I am not gonna forget about all of you. My phone is always with me, anything just call me. But do not disturb when I am on my study weeks aha. We are grown up now. And growing up is not that fun.
Amanina Mohd Tarmizi -my life-