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03 July 2016

New Way of Life.


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

I just finished my two weeks of assimilation and a week of real classes. My reaction? It was so exhausting. Only three weeks but I felt like three months. And of course, I still need to adapt with the new situations. Wash my own clothes, need to find food by myself, wake up by myself. Okay, that actually, I used to it. I'm familiar with house chores. But the really new things for me are;

The new way of learning!

I'm used to high school way of learning. Sit in the class, the teacher comes, the teacher teach, and the student? Just listen. And do the home works. And, we only had one teacher for every single subject. We sit in our respective classes. But in college or uni, we need to go according to the schedule. Either dewan kuliah or bilik tutor. And we have more than one lecturer. Sometimes, we have until three lecturers. 

For every subject, we need to have a group. Tutorial supposed to be after kuliah but most of the tutorials are before the kuliah. What can I ask when I don't even learn it yet? 

You need to study by your own. Ask questions in kuliah. In tutorial, you actually need finish what you have learnt.

Wah, totally 360 degree of changes. Me myself am not really a student who can study by my own. I need someone to explain everything to me first, then I can learn by myself. I know I need to change that style of learning. But it is too sudden. I love kuliah because they teach you first but if tutorial is before the kuliah, then, I surrender. With anjalan and everything adudu.

There, I am known as budak tidur paling awal. I sleep at 10 or 1030. I don't really know how to control my sleepiness. Is that even a word haha I don't know. It is not that I don't have any works to do or any subject to study but I really can't study at night. If I am desperate, then I will try to wake up at three in the morning, or four. Depends.

But I guess I am a bit lucky. Because when I was in high school, I'm used to go back at four. When I arrived at home, I'd have some rest, eat, check my schedule, and would do my home works after Maghrib. I guess I'm still gonna do the same thing at college. At least tak kena kecam tidur awal sangat haha.

I don't really have other problems aside my studies. That's my only problem at this very moment. I hope that it's not a problem in the future. My classmates, my roommates, my friends, my lecturers, everything is fine. But if I still have problem with my studies, I don't care, I'm gonna meet with the counselors. Put aside my shyness to overcome my problems. When there is a will, there is a way. If I want to be what I want to be, I need to overcome this very little stress.

Oh ya, and I love curricular subject! I got to join the petanque class. After raya, there will be selection for KAKOM. It's like sports carnival at national level, every matriculation will join. This year, tuan rumah is Johor. That's something I'm looking forward to. Another thing I joined, erm I meant, accidentally joined. I am a part of Olympiad participants. I had never join this kind of academic competition when I was in high school. But I had to join it, just because of my grade. So, I have to learn something extra. Well, at least I secure my koko points hehe.

Well, I think that's all for now. I still have a long journey to go. Either the matriculation life is hard or enjoyable, I still have nine months to discover it, and treasure it. I just need to be strong, and stronger to go through my very new way of life. InsyaAllah, Allah will always with every single of us. We just need to trust Him. Everything in this world has a reason.

And the reason I am in Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor, is for me to achieve my dream, to be a teacher. InsyaAllah.
Amanina Mohd Tarmizi -my life-